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The start is May 20th
The Beginning
The trip begins on Tuesday, May 20th.  I
decided after winding some things up here
in Dallas to begin the trip on May 20th by
grabbing an America West flight out of
Dallas to Long Beach California.  I chose to
start from Long beach in aneffort to miss
the traffic that I think I would have
encountered flying into LA.  I'm going to
try to get to the San Bernardino National
Forest by the end of the first day.  Let's

Pretrip weigh-in the morning of May
19th was at 190 lbs
Unpacking the bike at Long Beach baggage
May 20, 2003 - Day 1
Odometer 602
Arrived at Long Beach, California, airport where
I retrieved my bags and put my bike together
which took about one hour.  Then I made my
way to the Pacific Ocean at Seal Beach, where I
met Mark Burnett.  Mark, a few logs short of a
camp fire, but a pleasant guy, told me his life
story four times in about 15 minutes.  We
traded favors.  He took my picture dipping my
bike into the Pacific Ocean and I let him use my
cell phone to call his son.

Found my way to the Pacific Coast Highway-1
and took it for 30 miles to Newport Beach and
passed other gorgeous seaside communities.  I
located Highway 74 at Dana Point and took it
into Cleveland National Forest.  I stopped at the
Upper San Juan Camp Grounds and set up
camp where I had to fight off a battalion of
heavily armed  mosquitoes.  I polished off one
of Nabisco's new inventions, Oreo Cookie Barz
then grabbed about 8 hours of sleep.

May 21, 2003 - Day 2
Odometer 655
I broke camp about 6:00 AM and started off.
Immediately I found I had a long hill to climb to
finish off Cleveland National Forest.  The
descent from the top over-looked Lake Elsinore.
 The view was absolutely fantastic. The stretch
going into the San Bernardino National Forest
was an easy ride, then I encountered a climb of
4,917 feet in mid 90 degree weather.  The climb
was absolutely gorgeous, a picture taking
bonanza.  Finished the day camping at Pinyon
Flat, elevation 4000 feet.  The road along the
SBNF was 2 lanes and quite challenging.  At the
top of the range was a plateau, where the
temperatures cooled off nicely.

May 22, 2003 - Day 3
Odometer 735
The day starts off pretty sweet by coasting 15
miles down the San Bernardino National Forest
Mountain.  Now I begin my assault on the
desert.  Yesterday, I am told, it was 108  
degrees.  I will be bringing lots of water.
Armadillos conquer the California desert!
After making it through Indio, CA., I checked
the tire pressure and hopped onto HW-10
ascending for 2 hours then the day started to
heat up.  After the climb I started to make good
time, 18-20 miles per hour.  I thought I had a
chance to cross the desert in one day.  The
afternoon temperature reached 100 degrees and
started to attack my body.  Once I started the
desert there was no place to overnight.

For those of you who would like to play along
at home, begin by working up a good sweat;
running a couple of miles, mowing the lawn, or
some other aerobic activity.  Then reach into
the refrigerator for a nice cold drink, but instead
the only thing there is a glass filled with water
that has been heated in a microwave to 125
degrees.  Enjoy!  How refreshing was that?  
Welcome to crossing the desert on a bike where
cold water is not to be had.

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Dipping Back Wheel at Seal Beach,
California (photo by Mark Burnett )
Lake Elsinore
San Bernardino National Forest Mountain
California Desert