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This is the Trans-USA Cycling Tour for Bill
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The vision at Desert Center was like a scene
from a David Lynch Production from the
semi-abandoned cafes to the tattooed waitress
with the tummy that rode over her jeans.  Rode
into Blythe, CA., at 7:30 PM knowing I had
kicked some major desert butt.

BOD (Blessings of the Day):
 No flat tires.
 A real milk shake at Desert Center, CA.
 A cold Pepsi from a trucker 20 miles from the
desert end.
COD (Cookie or Candy of the Day)
 M & Ms Plain

May 23, 2003 - Day 4,5
Odometer 858
Today's destination is Lake Havasu on HW-95
in Arizona.  While in Denney's, Lake Havasu City
was described to me as a little party town.  This
works well with Memorial Day weekend.

From Blythe, Arizona, I headed North through
the Colorado River Indian Reservation.  I
stopped about 2:00 PM and made camp at the
River Island City State Park. in Arizona.  I would
describe this park as a Salvador Dali creation.  
Take some gorgeous desert mountains run
beautiful blue water through the mountains and
add palm trees for a little greenery.    It was
really beautiful, and I ended up staying on
through Saturday the 24th.

Met some people from Czechoslovakia who
were fishing in The Colorado River.  They had
not planned on catching anything because when
they caught a big catfish they did not have
anything to keep it with.  I made them a make
shift stringer with some cord I had brought.  I
hope they enjoyed it.....   The camp site was
sold out for Saturday and when I met some
people from California who had no place to stay
I offered to share my site with them if they
would pay the camping fee.  They were happy
to do so.   I ended up having a little bit to drink
with my California buddies.  Got some good
BOD - Found a staple in my tire before it
punctured the tube.
COD - Chips Ahoy Cookies
       Hersheys Chocolate Bar

May 25, 2003 - Day 6
Odometer 922
Broke camp at 5:30 AM in an effort to beat the
heat.  Today's ride started off with Terry, a
mountain biker, from Lake Havasu City,
Arizona,.  He gave me some good information
about the local terrain.  After 3 or 4 miles he
took off on a mountain road.  Today's goal is
Kingman, Arizona.

I headed north through Lake Havasu Resort Area
noticing the bikinis getting smaller and the
breasts getting larger (I'm sure it required desert
gear).  That was landscape of a different type,
but quite welcome.  The rest of the day involved
more mileage through the Arizona Desert  
including a small portion of Route 66; and a stop
at Freddie's Truck Stop and Whore House where
only a cold drink was partaken.

Camp for the night was found at a KOA in the
middle of Kingman, AZ, where I met some
people from Massachusetts.  They were on a
six-week journey of their own.  They hosted me
with a few beers and we exchanged stories
about each other's journeys.  Then if was off to
the Flying-J, a truck stop style buffet, where I
ate so much they were happy to see me finally
BOD -  Found a wire in tire before it punctured
the tube.
COD - Starburst Fruit Chews

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California Desert
Lake Havasu
More Lake Havasu
Arizona Desert
Disappearing economy of Route 66
One of the flowers along the descent
from the San Bernardino Forest Mountain
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