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This is the Trans-USA Cycling Tour site for
Bill Miller
Physical continued
The training involved 30 - 65 mile rides out at
beautiful White Rock Lake in Dallas.  I'm not
sure if this will provide the mental training but
hopefully being in very good physical shape will
lighten the mental effort.

Trial Runs
The first trial run was a fully loaded 50 mile
trip, again around White Rock Lake.  The effort
ended with a minor brake adjustment at the
Richardson Bike Mart which is near the lake.

The second trial run was a 190 mile overnight
effort from Dallas to Norman, OK to visit Mom
and Dad.  This was a little more trying.  Just
south of Sanger, TX I had a tire blow out and
did an emergency repair of a 1/3 inch tear in the
tire.  I was able to get going again but the tire
blew out again in another couple of miles.  I
stopped at a tire shop in a effort to get a better
patch on the tire.  That held for "a bit longer."  I
had stopped by an overpass when a passerby
"Keith" stopped and offered me a ride to a bike
shop 10 miles back in Denton.  I conceded I
would need a different tire and the offer was
gladly accepted.
The bike loaded in the Arbuckle Pass in
Oklahoma.  On a training run.
Spring flowers in the Oklahoma Arbuckle Pass
(I only hope this it a sign of pics to come)

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I hooked up with the people at Denton Bicycle Center (thanks Joe) and they had me back up in a
half hour.  I headed back up I-35 and after and hour of retracing my previous efforts was on fresh
road.  I had originally planned on an overnight on the other side of the TX-OK border at Lake
Murray, but the breakdown put a kink in that plan and I decided to try to make Ardmore, OK.  At
about 10:00 pm (and hour of night biking) I pulled into Ardmore, OK.  I stopped at the Wendy's
where the young lady in the take-out window was just fascinated by my journey and offered a free
"Hershey's Pie" (quite good actually) that I consumed waiting for my order.

I headed out at 8:30 Friday morning and got an introduction to Senor "Head Wind".  The
temperature was in the low sixties and with a slight headwind out of the NE, it really made me
appreciate the day earlier when the sun was shinning and I had the wind at my back.

On the way North I encountered the first significant hilly patch crossing the Arbuckle Pass. It
wasn't bad at all.  Stopped to take some pictures (see above) and gather the roadside experience
from a place I had passed through "a bunch" of times over the last 20 years.

I made it into Norman, OK about 4:00 pm after a spoke popped just as I was arriving.  The bike is
doing an "overnight" at Miller's Bike Shop (no relation) in Norman.  In the morning when I went to
pick up the bike the front tire was flat.  After visiting with the guys at Miller's Cycling a better
knowledge of tires was acquired and I decided to replace the current tires with more appropriate
Armadillo tires.

3 things have come out of this overnight session.
1)  Just as I had read in other peoples accounts of touring.  A loaded bike is an invitation for a
conversation and a meeting.  It also endears oneself to a lot of people and you get a lot friendlier and
extended help from strangers. There is no doubt I will meet more people in the upcoming month of
touring than in the last 10 years of my life.
2)  Seeing, feeling, hearing, and tasting (where do you think those bugs end up that would hit your
windshield if you were in a car) the countryside is a lot more therapeutic than a car trip.
3)  Make sure you are prepared and have the right equipment.  I was only 10 miles from a bike shop
when I blew a tire.  I could see being 60-100 and what a pain that would be.  Since the training trip
I have spoken to the people at Richardson Bike Mart and again they are going to take care of me,
what great service!  They are going to build me a better wheel and we have talked about a different

A lot of the mental effort has gone into to the route and gear planning of this venture.  Plans as of
the end of April are to start in Los Angeles and go North to the Grand Canyon and then NM, TX,
Okla, Hot Springs AR, then down through MS, to the FL Panhandle.           We'll see...........