Trans USA Cycling Tour  pg 8
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This is the Trans-USA Cycling Tour for Bill
I then took off to where my bike was, and like
any well-equipped cyclist pulled out my chrome
corkscrew and flashed it at Ray and said.  "Ray if
you ever touch me or come close to me again I'll
pop you open like a cheap bottle of Chablis."  I
then told Ray I was going to take his keys down
to where I thought his boss might be where they
were digging up the road and ask for an apology.  
That's what I was going to do until Ray started to
call me names as I cycled away.

Alternative 2 presented itself.  As I cycled up to
where they were digging up the road with a road
profiler that transports the crushed pavement on a
conveyor up into an awaiting dump truck, I was
struck with a new possibility.  I threw the keys up
into the bed of the dump truck that was being
filled with crushed asphalt.  The driver of the
truck.....................Bertha :)  Well I waited for
Bertha's truck to fill and drive away and become a
small fixture on the horizon and then went up to
the driver who had the next rig to be filled and I
told him that Ray's keys were in the bed of the
truck that had just driven away.  I imagine I might
have ruined Ray's dinner that night, but I wore a
smile for the next 70 miles just thinking of the
whole episode.  Just a little Tom Foolery on the
trip through Texas.
BOD - a quick wit and sense of humor
COD - Twizzlers

June 5th, 2003 - Day 17
Odometer - 1919
This day started and ended with rain and or
drizzle. The day was actually chilly most of the
time which was unusual for Texas and OK this
time of year.  The worst part was that this would
be another day with the wind out of the east.  I
repaired 2 flats before noon and then made a tire
adjustment.  The 28cm Armadillo tire I had on the
back wheel looked like it had worn out.  I thought
this tire would last the whole trip, but I guess the
massive torque of my quadriceps had forced this
into early retirement.  I put a thinner Armadillo
from the front on the back and I put the original
tire I had folded up as a spare on the front wheel.  
This took me a while but the switch worked and I
didn't get another flat that day or the next.

Today also marked a transition from the highway
riding I had been doing to the more sedate
atmosphere of a 2-lane road.  I left HWY 40 at
Sayre and got on OK 152 in Sayre........what a
difference.  I immediately had to oil my chain not
to ruin the whole zen/karma type thing that was
developing.  This route 152 has really been a great
ride, with mostly rolling hills, pasture and small
towns.   A few of the intersections reminded me
of the intersection that Tom Hanks finds himself
at towards the conclusion of the movie Castaway.
 There is a really funny observation that comes
from touring this agricultural pasture land called
the "gawking livestock."  The cattle and horses
will ignore the noisiest cars and trucks, but put a
cyclist on the road that's not making a sound and
all grazing stops and gawking starts.  It's really
quite funny and it always happens.

The day ended when I pulled into the only motel in
Cordell, OK.  I bought a beer from some traveling
combine drivers and just as I finished and threw
away the can it began to pour.  3 for 3 in close
calls with storms, how sweet.  The TV
interrupted with storm warnings all evening.  Well
I buddied up to the combine drivers and my next 3
beers were on the house and I got an education in
the world of harvest economics that evening.

June 6th, 2003 - Day 18
Odometer - 2041
I was pretty much focused on getting to Norman,
OK by happy hour on this Friday.  I finally got
relief from the easterly winds and got a little North
to Northwest wind.  The scenery was terrific with
rich green pasture land and rolling hills. I really
like getting off the highway.  Rolled into Norman
about 3:30 just in time for HH.  Beers, chips and
The geometry of a field of cut hay
Gawking livestock
Chillin' with mom and dad at The Mont
while passing through Norman
A storied and abandoned homestead in OK