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This is the Trans-USA Cycling Tour for Bill
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May 30, 2003 - Day 11
Odometer 1270
Stayed over night in The Grand Canyon Hostel in
Flagstaff, Arizona.  Went to San Falippe Cantina
where I had the biggest chicken burrito I have
ever had, and I have had a few.

Started out about 6:30 AM continuing on HW-40
and as usual had some really challenging
shoulders, but some were OK.  Prevailing South
Westerlies were a big player today, had a tail
wind most of today.

The morning started off with some good speed
and my first crash!  I dumped onto a soft
shoulder going about 25 mph.  I picked a few
rocks out of my helmet, straightened the steering
fork, and repacked the bike. I took 20 minutes to
regroup, and after that I got a good start on the
day and made it through most of the Eastern part
of the Arizona desert.  Got a chance to "Stand on
the Corner in Winslow Arizona."  I'm in my first
rain of the trip with an hour or two ridding time
left in the day and holding up at a truck stop in
Navajo, Arizona.
BOD - A good helmet!!!!!
COD - Dots

May 31, 2003 - Day 12
Odometer 1393
Called it a night and stayed in my tent at the truck
stop.  A wind came through and tested the
integrity of my tent, which held up well.

Finished off the last piece of Arizona.  Entering
into New Mexico the landscape changed to some
incredible views, and just as fast the bike path on
HW-40 improved.  Today I crossed the
Continental Divide, going east on I-40.  I had to
wait out two storm cells under overpasses and
after the second passed I caught a 20-25 mile tail
wind.  As I was going into Grants, New Mexico,
I slipped between two storm cells, one on my left
and one on my right, catching only a few

Stayed over night in Grants at a KOA where I
took care of the laundry and personal hygiene.
BOD - A good tent
COD - Tootsie Rolls and Orange Slices.

June 1, 2003 - Day 13
Odometer 1509
Headed out about 7:00 AM towards Albuquerque,
New Mexico.  Made good time and stopped at a
Dairy Queen at the bottom of a large hill in the
distance.  While at the Dairy Queen, I talked to a
policeman who told me it was 9 miles to the top.
I am now east of Albuquerque waiting out
another storm with a high hill to climb.
Update.......I was really west of Albuquerque and
took a wrong turn and ended up farther west of
Albuquerque adding 80 miles to my journey..  
The good news is, if I had taken the right turn I
would have ended up in the middle of a huge
storm. Stayed the night in a Motel 6 and enjoyed
dinner at Furr's Cafeteria.
BOD - Stupid is as Stupid Does
COD - More Starburst Fruit Chews

June 2, 2003 - Day 14
Odometer 1596
Now, I really am east of Albuquerque.

The day started with a slight crosswind, and
temperature in low to mid 90s.  Everything went
well until mid afternoon when I had 2 flats.  The
first one was wire that punctured the tube and
the second was a faulty valve.  Within an hour
and a half I had another flat because wire
punctured the tube.  Then I captured a tail wind
and made good time.  About 4:30 I caught a head
wind and called it quits at a camp ground in Santa
Rosa, New Mexico.  I spent the evening patching
three tire tubes.
BOD - Only 3 not 4 flats!
COD - Hershey with Almonds
       Nestle's Crunch
       Peanut M & Ms    
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Me and Fred, just hangin' not my
Arizona Desert
Storm in Arizona
Me and my bike at 7,275 feet
Looking back from the top of NM climb