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This is the Trans-USA Cycling Tour for Bill
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May 26,2003 - Day 7
Odometer 1019
Destination is Williams, Arizona.  The ride from
Kingman to Williams covered a lot of Arizona
desert.  You can see the vegetation increase
gradually.  The temperature was only in the mid
90s, but was a hard day because of the miles
involved.  Had my first flat leaving Kingman.  It
was on the back, but didn't have to unload my
gear.  I used the CO-2 cartridge and was on my
way in only 10 minutes.  All in all HW-40 is a
POS for a biker to ride on.  I pulled wire out of
my tires all day.  Made it into Kaibab National
Forest about 8:00 that night.
BOD - Only one flat tire.
COD - Finished Starburst Fruit chews

May 27, 2003 - Day 8 - The Rice Krispy Ride
Odometer 1134
Woke up to low 40s, which almost froze my
cajones.  I was up and running North on Arizona
HW-64 about 7:00 AM.  It was a nice ride, the
temperature got in the high 90s.  The Kaibab
National Forest was filled with insects that
cracked like a bowl of Rice Krispies.  It was
non-stop breakfast.  I made it to the entrance of
the Grand Canyon National Park around noon.  I
met a transient person who was
all-knowledgeable about the Grand Canyon.
Apparently he has made a science of living off
unemployment.  He gave me pointers on where
to go.  We split a few beers while I took
advantage of his knowledge.

The park has warm showers, which were a
welcome amenity.  Made it to the rim of The
Canyon about 5:00 PM and got some great
photos.  The Grand Canyon is one of the
"wonders of the world" and it is easy to see
why. I went back to camp where I used my
transient friend as a resource to plan a hike down
into the canyon for the next day.
BOD - View
COD - Hot Tamales

May 28, 2003 - Day 9
Woke up to 3 deer wondering through the camp.
 Didn't seem to be bothered by the multitude of

Hiked the Bright Angel Trail 4 1/2 miles down
into the canyon, again the views were terrific.  
Rested at the bottom at a place called Indian
Gardens, then started my 4 1/2 mile climb back
up the canyon wall.  The motivation to reach the
top was a vision of a frosty mug of beer!

For you with the play along version find a 4 1/2
mile staircase and go down, then go back up, or
get on a stair master for four hours.  That's what
I did on my day off.

When I returned to camp the ravens that are
residents of the park had used my ice chest as a
pinata. I was able to patch it up to keep my beer
cold.....for those concerned.
BOD - 4 1/2 hours of terrific viewing. Cold beer.
COD -  Gummy Bears - Fruit flavored

Note:  The staff and rangers at the Arizona State
Parks and Grand Canyon National Park have
really been super.  They were courteous,
knowledgeable, and friendly.  Private hospitality
institutions might be advised to visit Arizona.

May 29, 2003 - Day 10 - Rice Krispy part 2
Odometer 1191
The day started early and again the Rice Krispy
insects were out.  First full day ride without the
sun beating down on me all day.  The ascent to
Flagstaff took me to an elevation of 8,046 feet.  
Made it into Flagstaff about 1:00 pm and took
care of some odds and ends including bike
supplies, tent repair, email and web page
updates. Flagstaff is kind of an interesting town.  
A full day of riding tomorrow.  I PROMISE
pictures are coming.  I'm at 200+ pics taken

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Two views from the South Rim of the
Various photos of
the Grand Canyon
(Click to enlarge)
Highlights from week 1
Mentally and Physically - Nothing lost and
developing tremendous leg muscles.

Views- The Grand Canyon is terrific but a lot of
the road has been terrific from the mountains in
the San Bernardino National Forest, to the
Ponderosa Pines leading into Flagstaff and even
the Desert (as long as you view it in a 70 degree
environment.) is beautiful.

Greatest feeling - Finishing the 123 miles
through the California Desert.

Worst feeling - Knowing I still had 20 miles of
California Desert to go.

Camping 101 has been completed.

There is a fully stocked Home Depot littering the
side of the road in CA and AZ.

Personal hygiene has not been a least
not for me, not sure about anyone standing next to

Cold beer good...warm beer bad

Seeing the country from the edge of a bike sure
lets you enjoy a lot of the smaller things that are
on the side of the road.

Some of the fragrances that are used in bathroom
sprays come from flowers that are on the side of
the road in California.

Gerbera Daisies grow wild in California.

Sweat in the Desert evaporates very quickly

You can eat and drink as much as you want if you
bike 100 miles a day.  This also solves insomnia

No one moves away from you if you have gas
issues on a bike in the desert.
The bike dude on a hike up the Canyon
A view from
Indian Gardens at
the floor of the
Some flowers at the
The Canyon wall