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This is the Trans-USA Cycling Tour for Bill
Thoughts and thank yous from my trip
Thanks to:

Mom for doing the web up-dates while the memories and thoughts were fresh in
my mind.

All the friends and family who wished me well and encouragement during the
trip.  Susan, Don, M&D, Linda & Scott, Carter, Rick, Uncle Dick, Dallas &
Cassie, Chris, Debbie, Dave W., Jack, Laura, Barbara, Jay, Dave G., Phil,
Lisa, Christi, Kevin, Ron & Georgia, TJ and Steve, Julie, Paul, the Pocket

The following bike shops for their assistance, Richardson Bike Mart (Dallas),
Miller's Bicycles (Norman, OK), Alpine Bicycles (Gulf Breeze, FL), Absolute
Bikes (Flagstaff, AZ), Cosmic Cycles (Flagstaff)

The people who gave me water on the climb up the mountains in the San
Bernardino National Forest.

The people at all the campgrounds who gave me rides and beer.

All the people I met along the way who wished me luck and a safe ride.

All the drivers who gave me room on the road, all the drivers who didn't give
me room and missed me anyways, all the people who tried to hit me and missed
and all the older drivers who didn't even know I was on the road and missed me.

The most asked question since I returned is: "Would I do it again?"  If it was
still my first time yes, if it was a second time I would choose another route.

What kind of toll did the trip extract on my body?  My hands have been numb
and have tingled since Flagstaff, AZ.  My legs were generally sore daily for the
first 2 weeks of the trip.  The 150 miles at the end of the trip have made my
knees pretty sore.

Was it worth it?.....................Yes

Chatting with my niece Cassie on the back porch of her house and becoming
involved in a serious discussion of her "favorites"

Before the trip even started I saw the California Dessert from the air and knew
a severe challenge was about to begin.

Unpacking my bike at the Long Beach Airport w/o a clue which way I was
heading out of the airport

Hiking the Grand Canyon

Crossing the California Desert.

Crossing through the Mississippi Delta to my surprise.

Crossing the Mississippi River, and the Continental Divide.

Riding through the warm rain on the 150 mile day in Florida.

Happy hour at The Mont w/ M&D

Meeting the experienced camper at the Grand Canyon AZ, the Party guy at
Cedar Lake Campground AR, Mark Burnett at Seal Beach CA, an old man on a
bicycle going to the Mississippi Coast, the waitress at Desert Central in CA.  
Strangers that put color in the day.

The irrational park ranger in MS............just to remind me the world is still filled
with difficulties.

Sand in my shoes at Jupiter Beach.