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This is the Trans-USA Cycling Tour for Bill
June 20th - Day 32
Odometer - 2944
I broke camp out of Ocean Springs, National
Park and was headed for Gulf Shore, AL for the
day.  I crossed a long beautiful bridge that took
me to Dauphin Island in AL and then crossed the
bay where Mobile is located using a ferry.  After
exiting the ferry I came into some very attractive
communities on the Alabama Gulf that were
comprised of beautiful new homes that were
placed on stilts and painted in wonderful pastels.  
The weather was starting to cook and hung in the
mid nineties with good humidity.  I grabbed
another terrific lunch at a seaside restaurant and
started to look for Gulf Shores State Park.  
Found the park which was the most expensive
park I stayed at.  $16 for a campsite without
water or electric.  The night was a challenge for a
number of reasons: It was hot and humid which
made sleeping difficult.  It rained on and off all
night which some how caused the "neighbors" to
open and close their car doors and engage in
worthless conversation into the early addition, a colony of ants had
made their way into a my tent via a pinhead size
hole in my addition to an armadillo that
tried to penetrate my tent where my feet were
positioned.  I put a bike tire patch over the hole in
the tent and trapped, skinned and barbequed the
armadillo.............  (just kiddin).

June 21st  -  Day 33
Odometer  -  3,000
Took off out of Gulf Shores heading for the
Florida boarder along 292.  Reached the boarder
about 9:30 am and stopped my the famous
FloraBama Lounge for a beverage.  Headed off to
Pensacola.  After reaching the southern part of
Pensacola I turned south to the gulf islands.  I
stopped to absorb some of the beautiful beach
scenery and rest a bit and was headed to Destin
when I hit a 10 inch pothole.  The impact bent
the front wheel and I was able to get roadside
assistance from Alpine Bicycles in Gulf Breeze
(1st stroke of luck).  The owner of the shop,
Russell Bennett, came out and gave me a lift back
to his shop where I ended up having to buy a
new wheel.  It had started to rain and after
tending to the bike I headed out to Navarre to the
first hotel available.  As luck would have it I got
the last room available at the Comfort Inn.  2
strokes of luck in the same day.

June 22, 2003 - Day 34
Odometer 3070
Broke camp, I mean hotel, this morning heading
for Destin.  It was a whopping 20 mile ride and
pulled up next to World Famous AJ's (you'd be
surprised at how many places are world famous
along the Gulf Coast).  I was just resting
alongside the dock where charter fishing boats
are based when a gentleman who runs a parasail
operation started a conversation w/ me.  He
found out I was from Dallas and we started
talking about a few of the attributes of Destin and
Dallas.  He was about to take some people out for
a sail and asked me if I like to go out on the boat
and I said sure.  I ended up doing some
parasailing.  If anyone hasn't parasailed it's
actually VERY quite and VERY relaxing.  After
the parasail adventure I headed into AJ's where I
had a terrific grilled tuna sandwich and spent
most of the afternoon and early evening talking to
people and listening to the band that was playing.  
I ended up at a Motel 6 about a quarter of a mile
down the road.

June 23, 2003 - Day 35
Odometer 3090
Monster Mileage Day 150 Miles
I broke out at 7:30 am.  As I looked at the map I
noticed that there was nothing between Destin
and Tallahassee along HWY 20 and they thought
of a 150 day crossed my mind quite early.  I had
a terrific riding surface and shoulder, no wind,
and a flat terrain.  Everything that I needed for
big mileage.  There were only a couple of other
places I could try for record miles.  Those places
were around New Mexico/Texas where I had a
Northern wind to fight and the Mississippi Delta,
where I had decided to lighten the mileage in my

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The best church sign of the trip
On the beach just prior to the pothole
Catching some wind in Destin
"way cool"